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King 2B Liberty Trombone Ready to sing again

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King 2B Liberty Trombone Ready to sing againKing 2B Liberty Trombone Ready to sing again

Made by The H. N. White Company Cleveland Ohio

King 2B Liberty Trombone Ready to sing again! Model Number: 1407 Serial Number: 324882 Crafted in 1952 Bore: Dual (upper) .481 (lower) .491 Bell: 7.25 Inch Diameter Finish: Transparent Lacquer Finish Weight: 2 Ibs. 10 ozs. Slide Lock: Yes Mouthpiece: None Case: None Trombone Background: The fact that Tommy Dorsey, the most celebrated trombonist plays a King is evidence enough of the superb qualities possessed by this instrument. His beautiful tone and flowing style require an instrument that can translate the sentiment of this “Sentimental Gentleman” into a language which is the envy and admiration of musicians everywhere. So popular has this model become that it would be impractical for us to enumerate individually the hundreds of discrimination artists now playing the King 2-B Trombone exclusively. Many outstanding “name” bands are now featuring trombone sections composed entirely of Kings. The crystal-silver slides of the King 2-B Trombone are hand-ground to exacting dimensions. This results in flint-like hardness and glassy smoothness which insure an easy fast-action slide free from any trace of sluggishness in all positions. –White Way Catalog #18, 1951 Trombone Condition: For sale by The H. N. White Company LLC this outstanding Trombone is one of the greatest trombones made by The H. N. White Company. This Trombone has been fully restored to like new condition. The body of the Trombone is in great shape with a few very small scratches. The slide operates smoothly, and is in perfect condition. All parts of the trombone are stamped with the appropriately matched serial numbers. The trombone finish is new, clear lacquer.The engraving is crisp and clear.There are no dents anywhere on the trombone.The slide is in near perfect condition and shows no signs of dent work.The slide is super smooth and everything you expect from HN White. The trombone was taken care of by its original owner and was not abused in any way. The slide is smooth and fast in all positions and an ease to play. The slide has been serviced by The Slide Doctor and is in ready to play condition. This Trombone sounds great and plays like it looks. The HN White 2B Trombone plays like no other trombone and its range is simply amazing. Check out our website for more great HN White instruments.

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